We Make Private Markets Accessible to the Public

Kaptable helps shareholders trade their equity for cash, when the company is still private. We believe investors deserve an avenue to monetize the value they have helped create

Kaptable also provides a curated platform for investors to buy into high potential startups. Historically, access to pre-IPO companies has been limited to investors “in the know”. By leveraging technology, deal access and market expertise, our platform provides investors access to early stage startups in varying stages of growth and expansion.

We Solve the Major Pain Points of Private Investments

Lack of Accurate Information


  • Verify regulatory filings
  • Verify financial information
  • Work with Startups to deliver MIS updates to investors

Assessment of Valuation

Proprietary Validation

Available strong quantitative variables for valuation; Database of 200+ Startups

Managing the end to end process

  • Manages the end to end process with the Startup and all external service providers to delivery share certificates
  • Completes filing forms with ROC on behalf of the Startup (and other Registrars)

Meet The Team

Arjun Gopinath